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Community Renewal Society (CRS) and its subsidiary, Chicago Reporter, is steadfast in its commitment to honoring the sanctity of life. We grieve the loss of all lives impacted by the culture of violence across the global diaspora, perpetuated through war, racism, poverty, disinheritance, xenophobia and all crimes against humanity, including white supremacist patriarchal systems of…

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Escaping the ‘hunger games’ of Chicago’s high school application process: Chicago’s segregated schools and the nonprofit creating pathways to college

Nearly 70 years after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of desegregating public schools, Chicago’s school system remains largely segregated. Low rates of enrollment and poor test scores on the Illinois Scholastic Assessment test scores have contributed to funding cuts and school closures—issues that disproportionately impact school districts located in Chicago’s South and West sides.…

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Featured Series : The Warehouse Archipelago

The Warehouse Archipelago pt.1

As many as four million workers labor in clusters of warehouses scattered across the United States. Many are mislabeled as ‘temps’; all are poorly paid, and on-the-job injuries are high. In the article “The Warehouse Archipelago”, John Lippert and Stephen Franklin investigate the current state of staffing in the warehouse industry. Part One of the Chicago Reporter series published every Monday provides insights into the plight of workers suffering from “wage theft, discrimination, and unhealthy and hazardous conditions.”…

Employment and labor

Economic Development

168极速赛车开奖网查询 极速赛车168开奖官网开奖: COVID Concerns, Internet Access For All, Emmett Till & Mother Honored

Mask Advisory Likely As COVID-19 Cases Rise As Chicago inches closer to being declared a high risk for getting the coronavirus, Mayor Lori Lightfoot urges people to get vaccinated and boosted. “If you haven’t had the COVID-19 vaccine since Labor Day, you’re not up to date,” Lightfoot said at a Thursday news conference.  Lightfoot also…

Study Finds Investment Inequality In Black & Brown Neighborhoods

Urban Institute’s public and private investment analysis found that access to a relatively healthy stream of capital is not spread equally across Chicago neighborhoods. The nonprofit research organization analyzed investment trends from 2010 to 2020 and found that the larger the share of Black residents in a neighborhood, the less investment occurred. For example, over the decade,…


‘It’s ancestral work’: Illinois law expands access to maternal healthcare and doulas

Katie Schulder-Battis is a Chicago Reporter contributor and student at Northwestern University. This content is made possible through partnership with the Chicago Reporter and the Graduate Science Journalism… More by Katie Schulder-Battis Chicago women will soon have increased access to quality maternal care. Though implementation of the 2021 Illinois law passed in April 2021 is still…

Blacks & Latinos Are Most At Risk From Respiratory Viruses

CHICAGO| Chicago’s Black and Latino communities are expected to be most affected by a surge of what health experts call a “tridemic.” It is a triple threat from the flu, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and COVID-19. Here in Illinois, like across many parts of the country, hospitals are seeing a dramatic rise in patients with…

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